The Inspiration Garden is an ongoing project focusing on growing edible plants and cottage garden plants using organic principles as an environmental neighbourhood project in Morningside. It started in 2010 and now In April 2016 The Garden is being upgraded to be a place where people are all welcome. Focusing on Community Outreach and Education Programs on Healthy Living, Healthy Food Growing, Having fun eating freshly made REAL FOOD.

Garden History

The Plan of the Garden:

The garden layout was designed using Permaculture Design Principles by Megan Hennessy, whose fabulous work gave the project impetus. She asked for the assistance of Dick Copeman who then consulted with her before the final drawings were completed. Flexibility and cooperation were the key elements in the process in order to find the best design for the block of land.
 It was decided to launch the garden on 10/10/10 as a event ( encouraged many volunteers from around Brisbane to come and assist. Permablitz organised the permaculture design consultant and the “Permablitz” event, ( ) and also provided a few volunteers to join in to complete the initial work required. The Garden gained support from Transition East and Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. Bruce Ham from BOGI agreed to attend on the day and assist with soil testing and information which was invaluable for soil creation. Neighbours pitched in as well creating plenty of opportunity to strengthen friendships.
One of the really good stories from the project is as follows. A long list of things were needed in order to create the garden. Megan prepared the list for the 10/10/10 launch of the garden day from the plans that she had created. A smaller wish list was prepared and sent out via email and letter box drop with the immediate neighbours. This method brought great success, one thing after another turned up. A few days before 10/10/10 most things had been attended to or were ordered and paid for. People we had not known well came forward to help provide things on the list. This demonstrated a wonderful community spirit in our neighbourhood.
The Educational Session was conducted by Hap Happy ( ) who helped us learn about creating a worm farm. This was done in a very professional way and Hap is generously offered his session for free. Several people bought worms from him for the farms they made from scratch. If you ever need Worm Ranching advise we highly recommend his services.
The land owners , Nancy & Andrew Kent were grateful for the professionalism and knowledge of Megan and Dick and Bruce Ham, the generous contributions of Lachlan of Urban Farmers ( ) and the many knowledgeable gardeners who came to work and the members of the local Baha’i Community who volunteered their time to assist with the lunch which was enjoyed by all.
Read about the yearly progress below